Digital strategies for person-centric eldercare

According to the UN, older persons should have access to social and legal services to enhance their autonomy, protection and care. But with internet penetration standing at 62.5% of the world's 7.91 billion population, many municipalities are underserving their citizens without a digital strategy for elderly care. That's where we come in. 

We increase efficacy for eldercare providers through our person-centric approach to IT. Whether it means devising a digital strategy from scratch or aligning an existing one and developing cloud-based solutions for eldercare - we make it happen.


Digital strategy

We design and implement a digital strategy to help you align your service goals. 

Requirements analysis

We assess the technical requirements based on your current and future needs from the end-user perspective. 

Solution development

We develop and deliver person-centric eHealth solutions to meet your needs. ​



We work with patient associations and healthcare professionals to provide an inclusive user experience.

We use cloud technology, requiring less tech investments for end-users.

We develop  smartphone-ready solutions.


Safety and integrity for the elderly are at the core of our solutions.

Our solutions will store the eldercare data with very high availablity, security, and confidentiality.

We develop GDPR compliant solutions integrated with electronic IDs for transaction validation.


We build solutions on the cloud with the purpose of:

Improving the relationship between the elderly and eldercare provider. 

Supporting preventive health program implementations.

Creating a trusted source of health information for the users.

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With our combined knowledge of design and development of immersive IT products, we have the ability to transform your journeys with person-centric services.